Friction / Slip Testing Services

friction and slip testing measurement device
Friction/Slip Testing: ASTM E303, EN 13036-4

ASET Services provide friction/slip testing using the British Pendulum device. The device conforms to ASTM E303 and EN 13036-4. It is the standard method used to evaluate friction/slip in both ASTM F2772 and EN 14904 for use in evaluating wood and synthetic sports surfaces. It is also the standard method used to evaluate running track when ASTM F2157 is used.

The instrument can be used on a variety of surfaces, which include sport surfaces, running tracks. hallway surfacing, sidewalk surfacing and even pavement. It can be used to evaluate friction levels in both wet an dry conditions, and a variety of rubber sliders allow it to be used to simulate both barefoot and shod conditions.

We routinely test products in the lab, but this test is also valid for field testing. No only can it evaluate new products but we can use this to determine if friction/slip levels have been altered by improper cleaning methods and/or compounds.

For more information on this service, visit our web page dedicated to friction testing, or contact us.

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