Suitability Testing

Suitability Testing

Suitability tests are simply tests conducted on samples prior to installation. The results of suitability testing can be found in marketing and sales literature of nearly every sports surface manufacturer in North America. Suitability testing provides an indication of the performance of the sports surface system, but it does not guarantee the performance of individual installations.

The following list outlines the suite of services that ASET Services offers manufacturers in order to make their product development process run quickly and efficiently.

Suitability Services

  • Choice of Facility: ASET Services will conduct suitability testing for daily rates at a manufacturer’s facility, and offers a variety of options for conducting suitability testing at ASET’s laboratory.

  • System CAD Illustrations: Manufacturers have the option of supplying their own CAD drawings and documenting the construction of the sample or having ASET Services develop these drawings. CAD drawings are included and required for all DIN-Suitability and EN-Performance reports.

  • Test Management: This is an optional service that ASET offers to manufacturers who choose to conduct their testing at ASET’s facility. ASET will manage modifications to existing systems such as changing pads at the direction of the manufacturer. This service allows designers to focus on other activities while knowing that their changes are being supervised and coordinated by engineering professionals.

  • Sample Construction: This is another optional service that ASET offers to manufacturers who choose to conduct their testing at ASET’s facility. ASET will arrange for a local installer to construct samples. This saves manufacturers the expense of having a technician travel to ASET’s facility. It also allows the sample to be ready for testing immediately upon the arrival of the manufacturer’s representative. When combined with test management services, some manufacturers have found that testing can be done without any travel expenses.

Each manufacturer has unique suitability testing needs. Contact us and we will develop a program that compliments your company and your needs.

The Terminology of Performance Marketing

The marketing of suitability results has developed its own language within North America. The language can be confusing, if not deceiving, to those who are not familiar with it. ASET Services has provided owners and architects with an educational white paper defining some common performance terminology (ASET Services Document Number Gen-001).

Report Authenticity

Architects, owners, and municipalities expressed concerns over forged or altered suitability reports in the spring of 2006. While there is not a single known case of an ASET Services report being manipulated, ASET felt that something needed to be done to assure the industry of the validity and authenticity of test reports. ASET Services has always provided manufacturers with original hard copies of suitability reports that have been signed and stamped by a professional engineer. ASET is currently the only testing lab that can provide performance test reports endorsed by a licensed engineer. As an added level of security, ASET has been providing manufacturers with digitally signed ‘pdf’ versions of their suitability reports, since the summer of 2006. The signature field of these reports is encrypted and specific to ASET Services. When clicked, the signature field will inform readers if the file has been altered since the time it was generated by ASET Services, Inc. and delivered to the sports surface manufacturer or installer.