Library Introduction

Library Introduction

Welcome to the ASET Services’ Library. Our library includes a combination of white papers and presentations generated by ASET Services, and a variety of sports surface, facility design, and safety links.

The information in the library has been grouped into a few major categories. This page offers links to and a description of each information category. While you are within the library section, a navigation menu is provide on the right of each page allowing you to move freely from page to page within the library.

This page contains links to associations of sports surface manufacturers, as well as international standardization organizations. Visit this page if you are interested in grading rules, general installation guidelines, care/maintenance practices, or to research and purchase sports surface-related standards.


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This page contains links to a number of sports surface manufacturers. Currently, this list is specific to indoor court surfaces, but we are starting to compile a list of outdoor sports surfaces. Companies do not pay to be included on this list, and it should not be considered to be exhaustive. Manufacturers may request to be added to this listing. Companies are classified as producing wood or synthetic sports surfacing. Visit this page if you are interested in contacting a specific manufacturer or starting a product comparison.

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This page contains links to international societies of biomechanics, safety/injury prevention websites, and links to sources for journals and magazines. Visit this page if you are interested in learning about the latest advances in biomechanics and sports surfacing research. If you are involved athletics at any level, especially girl’s or women’s programs, you should visit this page and follow the injury links. You’ll be provided with resources that you can incorporate into your training program to reduce the chance of injuries.

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This page contains technical papers and educational documents that have been developed in response to frequently asked questions. Visit this page if you are looking for independent technical and educational documents regarding sports surfacing.


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This page contains links to the technical and recreational organizations in which ASET Services or its employees maintain membership status. Visit this page if you are interested in learning how ASET Services blends the technical and educational needs of the sports surface industry.


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This page contains links to the publications, presentations, and patents that relate to sports surface research and design activities. Visit this page to learn more about uniformity, EN 14904, ASTM F-2117, DIN 18032, acoustics, and sports surface design.


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This page contains links to a number of sites dealing with facility design. Links to sustainable design and mainstream design are currently including in this list. Visit this page if you are exploring the use of sustainable sports surfacing products, or are looking to learn more about designing your facility for students with disabilities.


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This page contains links to some of ASET Services’ favorite websites. Visit this page to learn where ASET Services spends time on the web. You won’t find anything technical here, its just for fun.


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