ASET Services also offers research services to manufacturers looking to better understand and define the benefits that their systems provide. ASET offers research services by way of serving as the lead-investigator and through project management.

ASET Services will conduct a project review with information provided by interested manufacturers. ASET will then develop proposals based on ASET serving as a lead investigator and/or based on ASET serving in a project management/consultant capacity.

Lead Investigator

ASET currently has the capabilities to evaluate floors for a variety of non-standard performance characteristics. ASET has the ability to conduct tests focused on the acceleration/deceleration of the impacting body and the sports surface. ASET can also quickly develop custom software to examine performance features such as the dynamic stiffness of the sports surface, the energy returned by or absorbed by the sports surface, and the time to maximum force/acceleration/deflection.


ASET has experience in academic and industrial research programs. We understand that optimizing the information return for every investment dollar requires focus and attention. ASET also realizes that many companies are not sufficiently staffed to provide this focus when it is needed most. This lack of focus often results in delays in the delivery of material, as well as technical expertise. ASET offers research program management and consultant services to help fill this need and to keep your projects running smoothly.

Often manufacturers conduct studies to examine the performance benefits of new and existing concepts without ever conducting standardized testing of the surfaces/systems. One reason may be that while the research institution is experienced in subject based testing, they are not experienced with current internationally standardized tests. In these cases ASET Services offers consulting services to help ensure that the lead investigator understands current standards and market terminology.

Economics is another reason for most research projects have excluded standardized performance tests from their analysis. Consider a research project where a total of 5 systems are to be evaluated, it simply is not economical to develop the hardware, and software required to conduct today’s standardized tests for such a limited number of specimens. This is another instance where a manufacturer, or even other research institutions, may want to explore our research consultant services. Through these services we will work with the lead investigator to determine which, if any, standard and non-standard performance tests could be beneficial, and conduct those tests for the project. This eliminates the time and expenses required to develop the software as well as the expense of purchasing and manufacturing test equipment for a limited number of uses. It is another way that ASET can further increase the information return per research investment.