Introducing The Sports Performance Partnership Program

Introducing The Sports Performance Partnership Program

The SPP program gives architects and designers a platform to develop relationships with new clients, strengthen relationships with existing clients and to monitor contractor and manufacturer quality. We invite you to learn more about this new program and to contact us about how this partnership can provide you with another way to serve your clients. You can also download the SPP program summary to review later.

SPP partners can provide testing and inspection services of turf, tracks, courts, and playgrounds directly to their clients through this program. They can also use the SPP program to help clients justify replacing existing sport surfaces, to verify that specified performance is delivered, to assess damage and repairs and to guide maintenance projects.  Our SPP partners are provided fixed testing and travel rates at reduced rates based on their selected projects and geographic footprint. Allowing them to provide their testing services directly to their clients.

Partner Benefits

We believe the biggest benefit of this program is that it provides our partners with new ways to develop or strengthen connections with new and existing clients. Our partners gain access to these testing services and to our specialized knowledge without having to purchase equipment, maintain equipment certifications and calibrations, or employ full time staff dedicated to these services. Our partners will be able to offer services to their clients quickly using the fixed testing and travel expenses provided in the partnership program.  However, partners will need to schedule their testing with ASET prior to committing to test dates.

Common SPP Program Applications

It has always been our belief that becoming an expert in the eyes of a client starts with providing accurate, reliable, unbiased information. This program allows our partners to do just that. Here are just some of the ways that the program can be used:

  • Justify Upgrades – We conduct several field tests on legacy surfaces to help owners justify a replacement. Often, quantifying how much safer or more comfortable a new surface is allows facilities to obtain the necessary funds to upgrade. Nearly 66% of our clients that utilize this service have replaced their existing surfaces within 2 years. Often this helps a client justify the replacement, and it helps architects and designers ensure that the new surface meets their expectations.
  • Verify Specifications – More than 50% of the cost of a new sport surface is labor. Verifying key safety and performance specifications when of new installations is a quick method of verifying that the right materials and installation methods were used. Client get the peace of mind in knowing that their athletes are protected and that they have documentation in the event of a future injury liability claim. Partners can use the program to establish quality installers and systems which can be valuable in elevating the quality, and limiting complaints on future projects.
  • Maintenance Programs – Synthetic turf fields undergo routine maintenance. Partners can provide their clients with true 3rd party inspections of their fields and help plan for replacement based on those inspections. Our partners have another reason for clients to contact them even after the job is complete. Firms can also leverage the data to help them show clients that they are getting near the end of the life of a surface and to plan for it’s replacement and perhaps upgrading other aspects of the facility.
  • Damage and Repair Assessment – While we are generally unable to provide fixed cost for this class of services we would be able to generate a custom program depending on the project. Testing can help to determine if the damage is purely cosmetic or if the system was damaged in ways not visible. Hardwood courts can delamaminate causing dead-spots and weak spots. The drainage system of a synthetic turf field can be compromised by settling of silts after flood waters recede. In both cases the damage can appear cosmetic, only testing can help to reveal if the performance is compromised. Likewise, after repairs are made testing can validate that the performance has been restored.

Partner Commitments

To put it simply, our SPP partners do not make any commitments to ASET.  Fees are only rendered for services provided.  There are no retainer fees and there is not a minimum business requirement. ASET will provide guaranteed pricing based on each partner’s needs. ASET will guarantee those fees for 12 month blocks. We have structured this program in a way that allows us to maintain our 3rd party status across the industry.

“Our SPP Partners make no financial or long-term commitments to ASET Services and can quickly explore new ways to interact and serve current and potential clients. Meanwhile, our partners can offer testing directly to their clients without purchasing equipment or employing staff. Let us develop a plan for your firm today.”

Paul Elliott, PhD, PE, CPSI
President, ASET Services, Inc