Gym Floor Inspections

Gym Floor Inspections

We provide 3rd party inspections for gym floors. Our opinions free from conflicts of interest that might arise from manufacturers, installers or companies selling maintenance services.


If a wood floor has experienced major changes in moisture content, the wood strips of the playing surface are often cupped or crowned. The presence and extent of cupping and crowing can be related to both environmental and improper installation procedures.

ASET offers visual inspections for signs of cupping and crowning and will also obtain measurements of the magnitude of cupping and crowning. Our internally developed algorithm allows us to calculate what the moisture content of the wood in the room should be and to compare that to what the moisture content really is. This is a predictor of if there is a water or vapor source active within the facility.

Surface Flatness

Virtually every sports surface specification in North America includes a flatness tolerance for the supporting slab. Slabs that exceed this tolerance can contribute to real and perceived dead-spots.

While it is impossible to determine the flatness of the slab after a wood floor is installed, ASET can perform a flatness inspection using the actual playing surface. This provides an initial non-destructive indication of whether or not the installation specification was followed. Inspection of the flatness of the actual slab are rarely performed due to the damage that would be necessary to provide access to the slab.


Moisture inspections include a broad range of applications. They involve any situation where moisture is thought to be the cause of problems with a sport surface. In the case of wood flooring, this may involve measuring the width of individual boards and expansion rows, and if possible the vapor emission rate of the concrete. In the event of a synthetic floor, these inspections generally involve only the moisture of the underlying slab. Our ability to conduct performance tests on areas with suspected damage allows us to determine the extent of the damage (cosmetic or severe enough to effect performance).