Traditionally, local installers, contractors and architects have been the only sources for sports surface information and education. ASET Services now offers independent education services. ASET is uniquely able to include a combination of the technical expertise offered by architects as well as the practical knowledge offered by installers and contractors and to deliver that information in an easily understood format. Because ASET does not sell flooring, owners can be assured that our educational services are not influenced by conflicts of interest associated with sales commissions.

Local installers and contractors are often trusted partners in the design process, and they often possess an extensive knowledge of the systems they represent. They may be less knowledgeable about, or even fail to mention, alternatives that they do not offer. Because every contractor or installer is ultimately trying to make a sale, it is impossible to be certain that they are promoting a system which is best for your facility and athletes rather than one that simply provides them with the most profit. Because ASET is not involved in the sale or installation of sports surfaces we are free from these conflicts of interest.

Architects are also trusted partners in the design process and possess an extensive knowledge of facility design. However, they are often unable to focus on the sports surface, because they are responsible for the entire facility This sometime prevents them from offering real expert advice regarding sports surface choices and selection. ASET’s only focus is on sports surfaces, and we offer clients a depth of technical sports surface knowledge not often equaled in the industry.

Long Distance Education

ASET offers a variety of long distance education services. As with all of our services we customize the program based on our client’s needs. We can provide owners with basic information packets that discuss floor system types, and various performance characteristics. In order to ensure that the information is properly interpreted we are available to participate in and conduct educational presentations over the phone.

We also offer retainer based services that typically allow us to provide answers to 90% of the questions an owner may have quickly and economically. In the event that a question requires research or literature review, additional charges may be necessary.


ASET can also develop more in depth educational seminars that can be presented at your facility. Presentations can be delivered to the entire sports surface selection committee. Typically face-to-face programs include a slide-show presentation, as well as a variety of supporting documents. All of our education sessions are concluded with a question and answer session that will continue until all of your questions have been discussed.