Associations and Organizations

Associations and Organizations

This page contains links to associations of sports surface manufacturers, as well as international standardization organizations. Explore this page if you are interested in grading rules, general installation guidelines, care/maintenance practices, or to research and purchase sports surface related standards.

Trade Associations

ASBA – American Sports Builders Association – information on tennis courts, tracks, synthetic turf, indoor courts

MFMA– The MFMA (Maple Flooring Manufacturer’s Association) is the most active organization of manufacturers of wood for use in sports surfaces in North America.

NOFMA – The Wood Flooring Manufacturers Association (Formerly The National Oak Flooring Manufacturing Association).

NWFA – (National Wood Flooring Association) much of the technical information available on this web-site requires users to be a member.

STC – Synthetic Turf Council – information on synthetic turf both sports, commercial and residential

International Standardization Bodies

ASTM– The American Society for Testing and Materials is a non-profit organization that develops voluntary standards. Copies of individual standards published by ASTM may be purchased from this web-site.

ASAE-The American Society of Agricultural Engineers develops standards primarily for use in agricultural and food processing applications. Some ASAE materials strength standards are applicable to testing wood flooring system

BSI– British Standards Institution, or BSI, develops performance standards for products being marketed in The United Kingdom.

DIN– The Duetsches Institute Fur Normung e.V. or DIN for short, is similar to ASTM but based in Germany and has been recognized as Germany’s national standards body.

NBI– Norwegian Building Research Institute develops performance standards
for products marketed and sold in Norway.

ANSI-The American National Standards Institute develops some standards but it also has many of the EN standards available for purchase.

Sports Governing Bodies

FIFA – Federation of International Football Associations

FIBA – Federation of International Basketball Associations

FIG – International Federation of Gymnastics – Gymnastics Equipment Rules and Regulations

US Futsal – Governing body of Futsal in the United States

IAAF– International Association of Athletic Federations – Rules on Track and Field.

ITF – International Tennis Federation

NBA – National Basketball Association

NCAA – National Collegiate Athletics Association – All college sports in USA

NFL – National Football Association

USATF – US Association of Track and Field

USTA – US Tennis Association