ASTM to Publish Standard Method for Vertical Deformation and Area Deflection (F3248)

ANSI E1.26: Field Testing at Dean College

In November 2017, the Standard Method for Determining Vertical Deformation and Area Deflection of Area Elastic, Point Elastic, Combined Elastic and Mixed Elastic Sport and Dance Surfaces was approved. The new standard will be published in early 2018 and will be designated F3248 within ASTM.  The technical contact for the development of the standard was Paul Elliott, PhD, PE of ASET Services, Inc.

Prior to this standard there was not a standard method within ASTM for determining Vertical Deformation of these surfaces. While ASTM F2772 mandates that vertical deformation be measured, it was forced to explain the equipment in detail. Similar equipment was also included in F2157 Standard Specification for Synthetic Surfaces Running Tracks. ASTM F3248 was developed so that it and EN 14809 produce identical results.

When EN 14904 was published in 2006, there was not an active international standard describing the equipment and methods to calculate Area Deflection. Key organizations including the MFMA™ and FIBA™were forced to use DIN 18032-2 to conduct this test. DIN 18032-2 became what is in effect a ‘dead standard’ upon the publication of EN 14904 in 2006. That means that DIN 18032-2 is no longer being updated to reflect advances in technology or in the knowledge of sports surface performance and safety. This new standard provides the global sports surface market with an active standard method for evaluating Area Deflection properties of sport surfaces.

So what is next? ASTM F2772 already contained the requirements for vertical deformation. The subcommittee in charge of that standard (F08.52) will start to determine if Area Deflection will be included within the performance specification for sport surfaces (F2772). If it is decided that it will be included in within F2772, then the subcommittee will debate how it should be included. Since Area Deformation is one of the more controversial performance properties of a sport surface, it is expected that this will be a long process.

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