A Playground Safety Surface ‘True Performance’ Specification

This is a followup post to “GMax and HIC Considerations For New Playground Safety Surface Installations.” ASET Services recently field tested a playground for the Wheaton Illinois Park Department. Their specification is what ASET calls a ‘True Performance Specification,’ or one that addresses the actual performance of the surface at the installation. I’ve copied the […]

GMax and HIC: Considerations for New Installations

With regard to new playground safety surfacing and synthetic turf fields, we are often asked: “What should the Gmax and HIC levels be at installation?” ASTM F1292 requires a Gmax levels to be less than or equal to 200, and HIC levels to be less than or equal to 1000. This requirement is applicable through […]

Effort to reduce Gmax in ASTM F1292: Formally Withdrawn May 2015

For several years, there has been active movement to reduce the Gmax level allowed in ASTM’s F1292 standard for Playground Surfacing. The most recent effort attempted to reduce the allowable Gmax levels. This most recent effort received enough negative votes during the balloting process that the item was removed from consideration. What does that mean? […]

Peace Of Mind and playground safety surfacing

In May of 2014, ASET Services performed field testing at a playground in Chicago, IL. The playground was closed by the contractor until the surface was field tested and he knew that the surface was safe for the kids and the community.  The photo to the right shows the playground equipment behind orange hazard fencing. […]