True Performance: Tracks

Nike1The True Performance of your track is important. Consider how many miles your students log on your outdoor track both for sport and conditioning. It is not uncommon for several sports to utilize the track for training and conditioning programs. Today’s tracks are often elastic promising the athlete a more comfortable running and training environment. Small changes in the type of product, depth of product, and size of products can result in situations where actual performance differs significantly from levels measured in the lab.

The international body that governs Track and Field is IAAF. IAAF tracks are certified at level 1 or 2 performance levels. Many schools select track surfaces that meet these requirements but do not include field testing to validate delivered performance. Labs that are certified by the IAAF have to recover the significant expenses associated with this program. We offer a the same testing, using the same equipment at reduced rates because we are not yet IAAF certified.

So what are the most common reasons for a track not to meet key performance requirements (force reduction, vertical deformation)? We have included just a few of the examples we have encountered.

  • Insufficient material installed: Many systems are very sensitive to the depth of the system.
  • Components: Changes in the components of the system can vary if there are not adequate quality control measures in place by the manufacturer and the installer. Component changes can be anything from different materials, to different sizes of materials.
  • Improper Installation: Of course, as with any surface if it is installed differently in the field than it was in the lab, there were be performance differences. Often lab samples are made by experts on the manufacturer’s staff. Field installers may or may not have that same level of expertise.

The performance of your track surfaces impacts a your students, kids and community. True Performance testing is the only way to be certain that it performs and protects as promised. Contact us today to develop your custom True Performance program for your new or existing sport surface.

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