True Performance: Where it Counts

Welcome to the ‘True Performance’ portion of our website. These pages will introduce our ‘True Performance’ certification programs. But first, we invite you to watch a short video that explains why your system’s ‘true performance’ is important to your school, organization, students, and athletes.

At ASET Services, we think that your surface’s true performance should be addressed and defined in your project specification. Surfacing companies often promote their performance prior to the sale using data collected in a lab, maybe even our lab. The reality is that a lot can happen to make your actual or ‘true performance’ very different from these levels.

Chances are that if you’re having a new sport/play surface installed you included key performance properties within your specifications. Those properties include terms like Gmax, HIC, Force Reduction, Shock Absorption, Vertical Deflection, Ball Rebound and many others. You are probably like most owners and architects we meet and you expect that these performance properties will be delivered to your facility. Most owners/architects are surprised that manufacturers and installers often do not view your performance specifications as a requirement for the actual or ‘True Performance’ within your facility. They consider that when they deliver a lab report they have fulfilled your performance requirements.  The reality is that few surfaces outside of synthetic turf are tested after installation to ensure that the surface’s ‘True Performance’ matches what was promised. For more information on ‘True Performance’ testing for you new surface follow the links below (and to the right) to learn more about our program.

turf-playg-courtOur company is a true third party testing company and our founder has more than 20 years in the sports flooring industry along with engineering licenses in Indiana and Ohio. We are active scientific body members within the ISSS (International Sports Surface Scientists Association). Our founder maintains a membership and active status on several sports related subcommittees within ASTM. We are routinely involved in the development of new international sports surface standards.  We invite you to read on to learn more about the concept we refer to as ‘True Performance’ or to contact us so that we can bring our expertise to your next sport/play surface project.

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