Protective Athletic Mat Testing

still images of protective mat testing before, during, and after impact
Still images of protective mat testing, before, during and after impact.

ASET provides independent protective athletic mat testing services for protective mats, pads, and landing pits used in sporting venues. We are able to evaluate protective mats and pads for a variety of impact attenuating and shock absorbing properties.

Items like pole vault and high jump pits typically only address the appearance and the shape (width, length and depth of the products) because that is all that the governing bodies (USATF, NCAA, State High School Athletics) require. Manufacturers are using these tests to develop safer products that not only conform to standardized geometry but help to prevent injuries like head trauma and concussions. Owners and architects can add performance testing results to current specifications to make sure that facilities are both attractive and safe. Below are a few different types of mats and pads we can test:

wrestling mat performance measurement device

Wrestling Mats

Standard: ASTM F1081
Property Evaluated: GMAX (HIC Optional) - Assessing Head Injury Protection Levels
ASTM F2440 Wall Padding Tests & ASTM F1162 Pole Vault Pit Tests

Wall Padding

Standard: ASTM F2440
Property Evaluated: GMAX and HIC - Assessing Head Injury Protection Levels
trampoline and gymnastics padding measurement device

and Gymnastics Padding and Inflatable Amusement Devices

Standard: ASTM F2970 & ASTM F2374

Product Evaluated: GMAX (HIC Optional) - Assessing Head Injury Protection Levels
gymnastic equipment and backboard support structure measurement device

Gymnastic Equipment and Backboard Support Structures

Standard: EN 916 - EN 1270
Property Evaluated: GMAX - Assessing General Protection from Injury due to Impacts

Custom Test Programs

We also develop custom protective athletic mat testing programs when products are used for even more extreme purposes. Tests may include ASTM F355, F1292, F1936, and D3575. We have helped companies develop pads for extreme obstacle courses and other similar outdoor activities.
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