Playground Testing

playground-smallFalls are the primary source of injuries on playgrounds. While no surface can prevent all injuries, compliance with ASTM F1292 can prevent severe head injuries. ASET provides independent 3rd party onsite playground surface testing according to ASTM F1292. ASTM F1292 measures both the G-max and HIC levels of playground surfaces.G-max refers to the maximum acceleration during impact, and is measured directly. HIC, or ‘Head Injury Criteria’ is a calculated severity index. Currently ASTM standard F1292 calls for G-max levels below 200g and HIC levels below 1000. Complying with ASTM F1292 is often considered the ‘Standard of Care’ during injury litigation.

Damage Estimates

Field testing may be included as part of a damage assessment inspection. The design, and installation background of ASET’s personnel coupled with their performance testing experience allow us to provide you with an independent estimate of the extent of damage from events such as flooding. By coupling field testing services with inspection services, ASET can determine if the damage is merely cosmetic or if it has caused a degradation of the performance of the surface.

Repair Validation

If a facility suffers damage that allows for a partial replacement of their existing sports surface, field testing can be used to ensure that the new and existing areas have similar performance. It can also help to verify that the replacement areas have been properly connected to existing areas. It also assures owners that their facility has been restored to its original status.

Performance Evaluation

Many institutions have chosen to have their existing basketball and volleyball floors tested simply to know how their older floors compare to today’s state of the art. Many colleges are finding that very hard floors are a hindrance to their recruiting activities as well as a source of chronic nagging injuries and aches and pains. By comparing the performance of their existing facilities with the performance of today’s resilient systems, facilities are able to make sound decisions about improving their current floors.

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