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Mission Statement

To improve the safety and comfort of athletes of all levels and those merely at play, by providing independent education, engineering, testing, research, and inspection services to manufacturers, architects, facilities, and end-users.

Our Services

Welcome to ASET Services, Inc.

We help manufacturers develop safer and more comfortable sports and play surfaces with our synthetic turf testing services. We help owners verify that their surfaces provide the safety and performance levels intended for the products and that their surface continues to comply with key standards. We also conduct third-party inspections when problems arise due to installation, maintenance, or even flooding. Our founder has more than 20 years of experience with designing, installing, manufacturing, and synthetic turf testing for various surface systems and materials. He has worked on multiple patented sports surface-related designs ranging from components to systems to installation tools. Our clients include manufacturers, schools and universities, and international suppliers. We have also tested from Alaska to Texas, from Maine to California, and several international destinations. Explore our site on your own or contact us directly for a solution to your sport/play surface questions.

Courts & Tracks

Helping manufacturers develop safer and more comfortable sports surfaces.

Playground Surfaces

Helping manufacturers design and make safe playground surfaces.

Natural & Artificial Turf

Offering the highest quality turf, along with extensive testing of each type.