Artificial Turf Field Testing

ASTM F1936 - Equipment
ASTM F1936
ASET provides independent 3rd party onsite artificial turf surface testing according to ASTM F1936. ASTM F1936 measures both the G-max and HIC levels of surfaces. Most installations include a requirement that the performance of the surface complies with the project specification prior to finalizing the project. In addition to evaluating new installations, ASET provides maintenance testing to ensure that the system continues to deliver adequate performance throughout the life of the product warranty and the life of the project. Improper field maintenance practices can quickly cause the performance of infilled surfaces to no longer require with minimum safety levels. Maintaining Gmax and HIC levels within accepted industry guidelines and below maximum allowable levels is the best method that facilities can limit their future injury liability.

Commissioning: New Installations

Today’s infilled artificial turf systems require a blend and distribution of infill materials. Inconsistencies in either the blending, or the distribution can result in significant performance variations, and sometimes in performance that fails to meet safety standards and guidelines. Commission testing of new installations is the best way to verify that the entire field performs properly and protects the athlete.

While field testing normally conforms with the requirements of F1936, ASET will work with the owner/installater/manufacturer to develop a field test protocol that addresses any specific concerns with the performance of the playing surface.

Most new installations include performance requirements well below the maximum levels of 200/1000 gmax/HIC levels outlined in ASTM F1936. This practice helps to provide a surface that meets the requirements for years to come. Because testing is conducted on select points, a slight reduction helps to ensure that 100% of the surface area of the new installation will meet the 200/1000 levels. Specified Gmax/HIC levels in the range of 175/850 are becoming more common in the industry.

Maintenance Testing

GE DIGITAL CAMERAThe only way to ensure that a ‘safety surface’ continues to comply with ASTM F1936over the long term is to develop a maintenance testing schedule. The fact is that without proper field maintenance artificial turf systems tend to become harder over time. This may be from constant settling of the infill materials, to moving infilled materials during grooming.




Product Development

ASET works with a variety of surfacing companies by providing testing used for research and product development. ASET can economically provide testing of systems in the prototyping or development phase using a variety of standardized and proprietary test methods. Standardized tests include ASTM F355, F1936, EN 14808, EN 14809 and others.

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