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This page contains technical papers and educational documents that have been developed in response to frequently asked questions. Explore this page if you are looking for independent technical and educational documents regarding sports surfacing.

Educational White Papers

There are more options than ever to specify the performance of a new indoor sports surface. We have been asked numerous times to explain the similarities and differences in the standards that are most commonly used in North America. This paper outlines numerous standards used to evaluated area elastic (wood) sports surfaces and provides a comparison table of the main standards used in North America.

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This article explores the new repeatability and reproducibility information presented within ASTM F2569. It provides examples for comparing results using this information and suggestions for how reproducibility limits should be considered in project specification and field testing.

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This article summarizes the performance criteria of the new EN 14904 standard. Many of the performance criteria from DIN 18032-2 have been included in this standard, so most will find that it is very easy to migrate from DIN to EN.

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This article introduces the concept of placing similar performance systems into types or categories. This concept may prove especially useful for owners and architects wishing to select sports specific flooring, and it also allows performance to be included in projects where budgets previously did not support selection a ‘DIN Certified’ product.

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This article summarizes the performance criteria from the DIN standard 18032 part II. A description of the criteria and the calculations involved is included.

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This article provides a summary of the requirements of both the DIN 18032 Part II (1991) standard and the DIN 18032 Part II (2001) pre-standard. This article also explains the difference between the standard and the pre-standard as well as the reasons for the development of the pre-standard.

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This article explains why ASET Services suggests that systems be retested 7 years within the North American market. Reasons range from changes in the definitions of grading rules to changes to the components of items used within the sports surface system. Changes in the raw materials of wood based systems and in the formulations of various components of synthetic materials may result in changes in performance. Rigorous in-situ testing programs in Europe make such re-testing unnecessary as products are continually retested.

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This article defines some commonly used performance terminology used within the North America gymnasium and indoor sports surface market. It is intended to allow better communication between purchasers/spec-writers and manufacturers/suppliers by providing technically correct definitions and explanations.

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This article explores 10 reasons for differences between the preliminary results used in bid specifications and the actual performance of your installation. This article explains how commissioning your installation, or validating your performance, can help ensure that the finished installation meets your expectations. It provides some example clauses that can be included to compensate for the differences in the actual and preliminary performance levels.

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This article contains an introduction to the newly developed ASTM Indoor Court standard, F2772. The methods are briefly explained in this article, while more detailed can be found in above DIN and EN articles. The article also explains the force reduction classes as called out in the standard. Lastly this article provides some commentary on the standard

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Position Statements

This paper outlines the differences between the requirements of the German standard and the realities of the North American sports surface market.

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For now the sports surface performance standard best suited to North America appears to be the new European Norm EN 14904. However, it is still ASET Services’ opinion that North America needs a standard of it’s own.

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ASET Presentations

Elliott, P. W. 2006. 10 Reasons why your performance may not match performance submittals. Presented at the NIRSA 2006 Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL (0.06 MB)

Elliott, P. W. 2005. Understanding and Applying Standards to Indoor Sport/Play Surfaces. Presented at the NIRSA 2005 Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL (0.8 MB)

Elliott, P. W, 2004. DIN 18032 Basics: What Are These Contraptions?. Presented at the MFMA (Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association) 2004 Annual Meeting, Phoenix, AZ. (File Size 726 kB)

Related Publications

Continental Divide (400kBfrom ASET Website) or (3.4MB from Athletic Business Website) Appeared in the July 2004 issue of Athletic Business Magazine. This is an article which explores the application of international sports surface standards in the North American market. ASET Services’ President, Paul Elliott, was one of the reference sources used in the article. This article is posted with permission of Athletic Business© Magazine. If you choose the version from Athletic Business, you will be required to complete the free website registration form before you can view the article archive.

Indiana Company Provides Soft Touch to Basketball Courts Appeared on, February 5, 2007.

Press Releases

February 20th, 2008, ASET Creates ‘Zero Carbon’ Sample for Exerflex ASET Services creates virtual sample of sports surface system for Exerflex. Virtual Sample allows potential customers, as well as dealers and architects to manipulate the 3D image as though they were using a 3D CAD program.

December 8th, 2007, New ASTM Force Reduction Standard ASET& Services now offers force reduction testing in accordance with ASTM F2569.

January 25th, 2006, Rocket Science Becomes Basketball Science. ASET Services is helps bring science to sports surfaces. Offering a wide variety of engineering, testing, consulting and educational services.

December 27th, 2005, Making a Scientific Impact on Basketball Floors. ASET Services is helps bring science to sports surfaces. Offering a wide variety of engineering, testing, consulting and educational services.

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